Career & Life Counseling

Career and Life counseling can help you objectively examine you life, desires, interests,

styles of communication, and your abilities to determine and enter the job or life style that best suits you.


Education & Learning Disabilities Consultations

Education and Learning Disabilities consultations and counseling can benefit an individual or

family by providing experience, knowledge, and understanding of their options, diagnosis, and rights.

Childcare Consultations

Childcare consultations are provided to both families and childcare facilities.  As a parent, CC Consultations

help you find the appropriate care to maximize your child’s development.  As a facility, CC consultations

help you develop behavior modifications, continuing education to your providers, and education evaluations.

Workplace Wellness Consulting

Workplace Wellness keeps the workplace a healthy, effective, and efficient environment. 

It can also help to identify goals, strengths and weaknesses, evaluate leadership,

communication styles, and develop a plan to move to the next phase.


Private Practice consultations are for mental health counselors, social workers, or life coaches looking

to go into private practice.  I provide comprehensive consultations that will walk you through the

process step by step. When completed you will have everything you need to get started! 



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I offer a wide range of professional consultation services customized to meet your needs. 

A few of my services include:

Cathy Marie StokesMS, NCC, LMHC