Distance counseling is an alternative counseling method.  The use of technology is an effective method of therapy for those with busy schedules or transportation issues.  However, it is not the same as, traditional face-to-face counseling.   Distance counseling includes phone sessions, texting, emailing, and/or using Skype. 

Distance Counseling

Individual Sessions

           ranges from $40 to $75

Couples & Family Sessions

          ranges from $50 to $85

Group Counseling

          sessions are $20 to $50

Sliding Scale Available!




Anger Management
OCD and Hoarding
Life Transitions
Self Esteem

Couples Counseling

Children & Adolescent Counseling




 It is possible for you and your partner to heal, grow, and change together.  Relationships need nurturing and the occasional tune-up.  I help couples utilize  the THREE C's (Communication, Compromise, & Connection).  With these three tools you can renew and re-create your relationship. 

You can have your happily ever after!   


Pre-marital, INTENSE COUPLES, & Divorce counseling.

Sessions are individualized to help you address obstacles, create healthy relationships, and develop better insight.  I provide confidential counseling to assist with a wide variety of personal and interpersonal issues including:


Family Counseling

Cathy Marie StokesMS, NCC, LMHC

Group Counseling

I currently offer traditional psychotherapy (talk therapy) via phone, chat, or video conferencing for individuals of all ages, couples, families, and other relationship counseling. 

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Family Counseling looks at the family as a whole --not on the individual elements of the whole.  As a family counselor, I am trained to observe the interactional patterns of the family.  I look at the structure, rituals, roles, communication patterns, and boundaries within the family.  This approach is to assist in the improvement of the quality of family life through nurturing and supportive therapy. 

Group Counseling is a unique form of therapy  in which a small number of individuals meet together with a licensed counselor to help themselves and one another.  Group counseling offers advantages that cannot be obtained in any other type of counseling.  It allows the members to become self-aware while learning that they are not alone in their feelings.  With the support of others, members can make significant changes to improve their quality of life. 

 I work with children and adolescents of all ages who are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems.  These issues can  include depression, anxiety, trauma,  developmental disorders, self-injurious behavior (cutting, substance use, etc), academic concerns, relationship issues, family problems, etc. 

When working with children and adolescents, I working systemically by involving the family, school, and social networks when appropriate.  I utilize traditional talk therapy, play therapy, animal assisted therapy, and creative  therapy techniques.

 I also work with parents to improve parenting skills. 

Career Counseling
Coping Skills
Domestic Abuse
Grief and Loss

Trauma and PTSD

Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders